Making College Affordable

Virginia College Planning Specialists is Virginia's leading expert in the field of college planning and funding. Our purpose is to help families navigate through the complicated maze of college admissions, financial aid, and student college and career planning.

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Virginia CPS is Family Owned

We are local, and committed to working closely with Virginia families in MAKING COLLEGE AFFORDABLE. We are dedicated to sending students to the college or university of their choice while saving families thousands of dollars in the process.

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Supporting the Family

Our goal is to help the student and their family prepare for the college of their choice, without pillaging the family's retirement savings and lifestyle.

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College Workshops

Our free College Planning Workshops are places where families can attend to learn about the financial aid system and the entire college funding process. At these seminars, thousands of parents have discovered new secrets and strategies for sending their students to schools they never thought they could afford.

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It's About the Family

Virginia College Planning Specialists is Virginia's leading expert in the college planning process, dedicated to sending your child to the college of their choice without spending your family's life savings, sacrificing your current lifestyle, or just plain going broke.

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Having seen first-hand the dire need for quality and professional college financial aid planning, Mike and Sarah Irwin founded Virginia CPS, and their organization has helped over 2,700 families send their children to college with peace of mind in knowing that they aren't leveraging their retirement.

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Mike is an author, an accomplished lecturer, and is a firm believer that any family, regardless of their background or financial circumstances, can send their child to college if they take the time to learn about and understand the process. Mr. Irwin is a proud member of the Virginia Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, the National Association of College Funding Advisors, and an associate of the College Planning Network, the nation's largest and most reputable college admission and financial aid services organizations.

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What is your plan for paying your share of your student's college costs? Are you certain about what those costs will even be? Attend one of our College Planning Workshops to learn how to navigate the mind-boggling financial aid system, as well as discover the key steps you must take to tackle the tricky college funding process. Virginia CPS can help you with strategies for arranging your financial affairs to minimize your family's expected family contribution while maximizing your family's eligibility for college financial aid.

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What Our Clients Say

"This is the first college workshop that has given us any hope!" - Janice P.
"This workshop was totally worth it. I can't believe how much I learned." - Bruce and Linda G.

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Support your child in college without going broke

For most young adults, going through college is a family process. Tuition must come from somewhere, and it usually involves parents supporting their child with accommodation, food, insurance and other expenses, even if the student racks up student loans to cover the tuition fees. There are other sources of support, however. Identifying those sources is one of the ways we help our clients.

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Plan Ahead

There's a lot you can do to mitigate the burden of your child's tuition fees. Planning ahead gives you more options and opportunities.

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Identify Sources

It's not just about loans and expenditures. There are ways to reduce the overhead of your child's college tuition.

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Get the Facts

Don't try to do this alone. We've helped hundreds like you, and we can help you too. Take the sting out of the whole college tuition process.

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